By amandoAlentejo

Truly a Wonder

It's a great complaint to have, I know, but just too much beauty to take in, let alone to choose just one Blip... 

Have chosen the olives because our trees are loaded, they are ripe and plump, and falling onto the ground - but we have no-one to harvest them. We ourselves are still eating the ones we conserved last year, but I will do some more, I guess. And keep trying to find a way to harvest the rest.

The virus has arrived in Mourão. The elderly Dad of a colleague of Ermelinda's was taken to hospital last night and tested positive, so now all the Council's employees are in isolation until their colleague's test comes back. Not sure what happens if he tests positive...

Oh, and for lunch, we had the rabbit we accidently hit on Wednesday night, coming back from Évora. Tasty, but tough, probably should have cooked it longer.

- beauty
- books
- bread

Finished Bill Bryson's The Body, really enjoyed it, we are truly amazing bodies. Thought I would choose a quote or fact from each chapter for a while, mainly to help me remember it better.
Ch 1 - How to Build a Human, p9:
The body is often likened to a machine, but it is so much more than that. It works twenty-four hours a day for decades without (for the most part) needing regular servicing or the installation of spare parts, runs on water and a few organic compounds, is soft and rather lovely, is accommodatingly mobile and pliant, reproduces itself with enthusiasm, makes jokes, feels affection, appreciates a red sunset and a cooling breeze. How many machines do you know that can do any of that? There is no question about it. You are truly a wonder.

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