By mollyblobs

Glossy Ibis

While entering data into a spreadsheet I received a text from Chris telling me there was a Glossy Ibis at Ferry Meadows. I didn't need a lot of persuasion to tear myself away from the computer, hoping that I'd get there before it disappeared. When I arrived it was quite close to the path, busily feeding in the semi-flooded meadows, close to some rather handsome ginger cattle. For about ten minutes I had excellent views, before it took flight and landed in another much more remote part of the meadow.

Numbers of Glossy Ibis recorded in Britain have increased dramatically since the mid-2000s, mirroring the increase in their breeding population in southwest Europe, especially in Doñana (south Spain). Despite the increasing number of records in Britain, there are still only small numbers of Glossy Ibis present in spring and, so far, only two nesting attempts. The majority of Glossy Ibises recorded in Britain arrive in autumn, with re-sightings of colour-ringed birds indicating that most arrive during their first year. 

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