A time for everything

By turnx3

Another autumn/Fall decoration

A gloomy wet day today, so I decided to blip another of my autumn decorations, that had been hidden in the loft for several years, and is mounted above our fire place. We spent the morning at home, then went for a swim in the afternoon - 64 lengths today! We weren’t sure whether we would be having Handbells this evening, as it was feared that Hamilton county would be going into the highest Covid alert level, which actually wouldn’t have made much difference in general, but according to our church’s Covid policy, all meetings in church would have been cancelled. Fortunately, while the state as a whole posted another record daily high of new cases, Hamilton County’s share in that had declined marginally, so we remained in the same category., so we were able to play bells as usual, which is always fun, and at least for an hour I can forget the mess this country is in with Covid and the upcoming election, which is making me exceedingly anxious!

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