Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Loyal Service

This stalwart phone (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4) was originally released for sale in early 2013. I got this particular one about a year later. It has served me faithfully for more than 6 years now but these days, anybody with a device over 2 years old, practically becomes a marginalised member of society. The fact that this museum exhibit and its luddite owner continue to stumble forward (however feebly} must be something of a miracle. Sadly, however, the end may be in sight.

The latest OS is Android 10. I can't run anything more up to date than Android 5. Thus there is now a vast range of apps that my S4 can't handle or even install. I can't sign into restaurants for COVID tracing, I can't run the Covidsafe auto tracking app. I won't be able to run the Opal app so that I can board trains. There is insufficient memory and speed to run many contemporary website graphics, the onboard camera is pretty basic and ham-fisted. Seems as how the jig is up.

Any suggestions for a decent mid-range replacement? I'd welcome your thoughts.

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