By LincolnWarrior

Autumn colours

Once up this morning not to late I must admit thanks to minstrel I got dressed and went for a walk through the local park to search out aa blip before the bad weather came. It was quite windy at times. I spotted this lovely Autumn coloured tree behind the fountain and plenty of leaves on the pond added to the shot in  my view. It was then on to the local butchers to get a few bits from there . Back home breakfast and a relaxing day.
This afternoon we had to pop to Lidl to get a few bits , it was quite manic in there people preparing for the new lockdown thing is you can still shop they are staying open so why do it.  I have watched some football and we are planning a film night with some Alcohol this evening possibly a good scary horror film for Halloween .
Well Boris has announced a lockdown for a month so pleased I was off work last week and was able to go out for my blips so Take care everyone and stay safe 

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