By strawhouse


Today was the day of Miss L's 11+ practise test. 
I woke up before 6am and it was the first thing I thought of. Uuuuugghhhhhh!
Miss L has done no prep to speak of for months.
It was all so awful before the test with Miss E a couple of years ago (seriously, feels like a couple of months!!) and I couldn't face it again with Miss L. Especially as the year panned out in all its Coronashittiness. 
She's bright, they're after the top 30% and we decided to take our chances.
At 6am this morning that felt like the biggest mistake we could have made.
She had choco-nut pillows and a bacon sandwich and seemed fairly relaxed about it all which was good.
Me, it was all I could do not to hyperventilate and scream like a mad woman!
Obviously I'd left it until this morning to read the list of things she needed so had to scrabble round looking for "at least 2" HB pencils (I put in four!), a rubber, sanitiser and, shit, she needed a packet of tissues. 
And a snack and a drink. 
So it was off down the garage with me to get tissues, a fancy juice drink and a Twirl. Nothing says healthy snack like a Twirl!!!
For the actual test on Friday they need a proof of identity form signed by their school teacher with a signed photo of the child (so you don't get a clever older sister to sit the test for them, damn it!!) and obviously we hadn't done that. It's not the actual day yet!!!! It says if their teacher can't do it you can get any professional to sign the form so we thought we'd get Miss E's friend's mum to do it. Miss L got in a bit of a tizz that it wasn't done yet even though it wasn't needed today so I messaged her teacher who happens to live over the back of our house and asked could I pop round with the form. I have her number from when Miss E was at the school and in the same class as her son and she was a fellow mum rather than teacher.
I hate to blur the lines between teacher/parent but she was very kind and offered to pop round on their way out a little later. Ten minutes after we'd planned to leave.
Nothing like leaving it all to the last minute!!!
So the form was signed and off we went. 
Then we came back to get my phone.
It really is like I have something wrong with me!
Then we went off again. 
We got to Aylesbury with no delays at all just before noon. Registration was 12.30-1pm but I wanted to make sure there were no hold ups. We parked in Tescos a few minutes walk from the school and waited. 
Gradually we spotted more and more children clutching see through bags of pencils and snacks, and a parent clutching forms. It was like wildlife spotting as we called out “There’s one!” every time. Eventually by 12.20 Miss L couldn’t wait any longer and we decided it was time for us to head over too.
Then we had to go back to the car because Miss L had forgotten her fancy juice drink. It must be in the genes!!
We eventually joined the queue in the playground and the heavens opened. Miss E was only in a shirt so I gave her my coat so she wouldn't get wet. I got soaked!
It was a bit chaotic but eventually we got in and off she ran to join her friends as if she didn't have a care in the world.
Halfway back to the car I realised I had her fancy juice drink in my pocket so had to go back and give it to her. Seriously!!
Rather than just sit in Tesco's car park for two hours I decided to go to TKMaxx and return some bits and into M&S to look at Christmas goodies. I bumped into Mrs J who had just dropped Mr E off for the test. It was lovely chatting to her for a bit.
I got a cup of tea at the McDonalds drive-thru before heading back. Between McDonalds and Tescos the sky turned black and, out of nowhere there was the most incredible rain and hail storm. Thunder and lightning, the works. This photo doesn't do it justice but the tree was shedding all its leaves in one go apparently. Amazing.
Thankfully I had half an hour before having to collect Miss L and it had stopped by then,
I felt sick going to get her, worried that she'd have struggled and realised that perhaps she hasn't done enough prep but as I got there I could see her laughing and chatting to her friends and apparently quite happy. 
She said it had gone OK.  You can't really tell with these things but she seemed happy enough which is good enough for me!
We went to get Tesco's on the way home as I'd promised her ice cream. She chose a frozen Daim cake. Eventually. 
Then it was home to collapse on the sofa.
It's nearly over.....

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