Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Movie Marathoning

Halloween at home this year, so Rich and I settled in for a scary movie marathon. We chose mostly films we'd seen to ensure we enjoyed most of them, though a couple were new to us just for fun. We started with The Thing (probably my favourite horror, a phenomenal movie), then went through Scream (great stuff), House On Haunted Hill (Vincent Price is always worth the money), Child's Play (another of my favourites purely because Chucky is brilliant), Night Of The Creeps (really good fun), An American Werewolf In London (IMO the best werewolf movie ever made) and finally The Shining (a creepy classic). 

I had been having a super fun day but the evening was kinda ruined, firstly by a HUGE spider that took up residence in the bathroom light fitting preventing me from comfortably using the bathroom, and secondly by the announcement of a month long lockdown in England. The lockdown itself didn't so much upset me (if anything it's about a month too late) but the manner of it. How does the government sit and present slides that clearly show that the rate of infection transmission is highest across older schoolkids and uni students and then not include schools in the lockdown. And listen, I get that it's affecting kids not going to school/uni, but I'd rather have a slightly stupid kid than a dead any family member because my kid brought COVID home with them. The biggest upset to me, though, was the sheer number of people I saw planning to go out for the next 4 days. I've been trying so, so hard not to judge people during the past 8 months because I know how much COVID has been affecting lives, workloads, finances, mental health etc., but to have experienced possibly the lowest mental health I've had for a while alongside Rich being in hospital for 10 days and me not being able to see him (or get support in person from our family and friends) was an actual nightmare. To see people reacting like not being able to go to the pub for a few weeks is so terrible, or indeed planning to go out for days in a row exposing themselves and others to more opportunities to catch the virus just upsets me. And again, I get that being separated is hard, and that this will adversely affect a lot of businesses, but I am terrified of getting COVID (I have a heart condition that no-one seems to know how it might react to COVID) or of giving it to Rich, so to see this fairly blasé attitude of 'better get all my going out in the next 4 days then!' just makes me exhausted. If you're that bothered about beer, support breweries and venues by ordering online and having a get together with your mates over Zoom. All of the fun, none of the potential for a deadly disease! Sigh.

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