Keith B

By keibr

Light at the end of the day

Today's blip feels very boring but I've been busy with other things so this picture will have to do!
During the night another storm moved in with LOTS of rain and really gusty winds, strong enough to bring down a few trees according to the local news. The ground is sodden with standing water in many places and it's unseasonably warm with temperatures around 13°C.
Jan went off to town for a lunchtime meeting and warned me the kayak tent was not looking good in the wind. I went out for a look and spent the next hour or so trying to save the end that opens from being ripped to pieces by the gusts.
(Here's the storage tent on a summer's day, with the threatened end section rolled up.)
There was a certain amount of swearing as I got wetter and wetter and slithered around in the mud. In the end, with straps across the inside so it couldn't blow inwards, and sacks of gravel and earth along the base of the outside so it couldn't lift I saved the end.  If it had been destroyed then I think the whole structure would have been at risk.
I came in from my struggles with the wind and tent, lit the fire and hung my damp clothes up to dry. As I sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea I read in the paper about Typhoon Goni in the Philippines and the thousands of destroyed homes. That put my weather problems and struggles into perspective a little.
As the day went on the wind lessened, the rain stopped, and just before it got dark the clouds cleared a little and some watery blue sky appeared.
Work on my camera was paused due to the inclement weather, and will be resumed tomorrow.

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