on my lunchtime walk :)

First of all, thank you all so much for your very kind comments on yesterday's blip :)

I had a bad night last night, but I've got through the day, which is something.

I went around the opposite direction to yesterday - and met my bible study group leader (never having met in real life only on zoom...she recognised me, unfortunately I didn't recognise her).

Average day - just extremely quiet - but very busy, working from home....

I popped out to Sainsburys tonight to get a new cartridge for my printer - and they were out of stock, as were the in store Argos :(  I ended up paying twice the price, so annoying.  Just hoping it works ok...

Pizza for tea, and I'm cream crackered now...

Hope to stay awake long enough to watch Bake Off :)

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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