By Pinkhairedlady

Tuckered out

Woke feeling more refreshed just before 8 after a much better sleep last night. had a lovely hour or two with Phin before Mr PHL surfaced (it was his turn to have a lie in). I headed off to the shops to pick up some supplies and was home in time to turn Sunday’s leftover mashed potato inyo potato scones to have with a fried egg fur lunch. Very tasty.

Miss PHL had to film interview some people today as part of her course so she and her dad headed into Edinburgh after lunch. They took the puppy and Mr PHL wandered round the meadows whilst Miss PHL was doing her interviews. Phin loved meeting several new dogs.
He was a sleepy boy again after his big adventure.

I caught up on some housework and laundry whilst I had the house to myself - rock and roll or what?

We had a ticket to an online recording of Mock the week which Mr PHL participated in - recording started at 6.20 and has just finished at 9.30!
He’s just off to have his dinner now and then I plan on heading to bed as it’s my turn to take Miss PHL into the station tomorrow morning at 7.

Night all

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