By Pinkhairedlady

Hidden treasures

As Phin was due at doggy daycare this morning, we planned to do a little more clearing out. Whilst Mr PHL enjoyed a lie in, I dropped Phin off and came home to make porridge for breakfast. Once fortified, I sorted the washing and made a start on the study.

There were many hidden treasures in the cupboard, old artwork from when the children were small, school photos, paperwork from our wedding in 1994 and a box of boxes of cutlery, silver trays and carving knives. Also in the box was this green glass plate.
We’ve got an appointment with the local auction house next week to see if there is any value in the silver items - we don’t need them and the kids won’t want them so hopefully we’ll be able to pass them onto someone who will get use of them.
The study is now much tidier with space to move some of the kitchen equipment into in the new year.

Mr PHL made great inroads in the garage and took several loads to the tip.

After the study I sorted out out the cupboard of duvets and pillows which now looks much tidier and I was even able to fit all the motorhome bedding too.

I was looking forward to a wee sit down but Miss PHL needed some help sorting out her room so half an hour and 2 full bin bags later she can now fit all her clothes in her drawers! Pity we also filled the washing basket again, oh well.

Cooked mince and tatters fair dinner and whilst it was bubbling away I managed to book a villa in Orlando fir next July.

All in all a productive day and time for an early night!

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