Games night

Slept rather heavily last night. I wonder why? Up and got organised for checking out and grabbing some breakfast before we headed out for breakfast. Forgot to bring my swimwear so couldn’t join the others in the pool for a refreshing swim but I did manage to dip my legs in.

Enjoyed a rather large breakfast at the international house of pancakes before Mr PHL and I headed off to Orlando airport to swap the car. Mr PHL asked if there would be any compensation for the broken air con. The answer was not monetary but he blagged an upgrade to a Dodge Challenger. I thought it was a bit of a boys toy car and it was a little low slung for me but he was happy.

Home to the villa for an afternoon by the pool, lovely and relaxing after yesterday’s rushing around to get ready before the wedding.

We headed out for dinner and ended up at the same Busyro as earlier in the week. Thursday night is prime rib special which proved a popular choice.,we were seated in the sane area as previously and the waiter remembered us (not difficult I guess when you’re a party of 13!).

Home to get ready for games night. Lloyd had put a lot of effort into the 8 games we played after being split into 2 teams. The first game involved throwing playing cards at a cut watermelon. I managed two at once! Other games included pinging elastic bands at a pile of empty drinks cans (not my gaje as I failed to hit one can), getting an Oreo cooking from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands and using a banana tied to a belt with string to roll an orange along the floor to the target circle, this was much harder than it looked! There were forfeits if your team list a round and we seemed to have many to perform with my favourite one being the need to talk in an American accent for the next game. It was certainly easier than smiling throughout!

A fun night but a late one again as we finally finished at midnight.

Nabbed this shot of the revolting drink invented by the young ‘uns - a blue soft drink called Calypso mixed with raspberry vodka - through another empty glass. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursday.

Backblipped Sunday for Thursday.

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