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By Diane2104

A wildfowl bonanza #86 - #90

We are totally fed up with all the rain we’ve been having since we got home over a week ago, so when we saw that today looked like being dry we booked to go to WWT Martin Mere. It was a gloriously sunny day and it proved to be without rain, so we are very grateful.  
There were a LOT more birds there this time with plenty of geese ducks and now the Whooper Swans from Iceland have also arrived. 
We spent 5 hours wandering and watching and didn’t even notice that we’d missed lunch. We had planned to spend maybe 3 hours there and have a late lunch when we got back home, but it turned into an early dinner instead. 

As well as all the wildfowl, we saw both Hen harrier and Marsh Harrier and a pair of lovely stonechats on the way to the new hide. 

Since we are now heading back into lockdown tomorrow, I decided upon a collage today so I could feature 5 more birds for this year as there probably won’t be too many in the next month or so.  I know it’s a bit of a cheat, but it’s MY list and I’m sure I can do what I like ; )

Top left: Pintail
Top right: Ruff
Bottom left: Whooper Swan
Bottom right: Shelduck
Middle: Teal 

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