Wide Wednesday: Reflections

Bobsblips has chosen "reflection(s)" as today's Widwed theme. This was fortunate as we'd already planned (and booked, as one has to at present) to spend the day at Wallington National Trust site.

As promised on the weather forecast, it was a gorgeous bright autumn day so there were plenty of photo opportunities. I've chosen this picture as my main blip, but I've added a couple of extras - the first showing Wallington Hall itself and the second showing a gorgeous backlit acer branch.

I couldn't resist making a Google photo album of a few more shots, so please feel free to take a peek here if you like.

One reason we chose today for our visit was because we expected that the site would have to close tomorrow for the new lockdown. However we gather that at present it can remain open, for the outdoor areas at least and also the cafe for takeaways.

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