Abstract Thursday

As usual on the first Thursday of the month, Ingeborg hasn't set any particular theme for today's AT challenge.

I'm actually busy experimenting with ideas for our next camera club competition, the topic for which is "Surreal". I have some ideas but I'm not sure if my Photoshop skills are up to them. Currently I'm messing around with pinholes of light which I may include into a sort of space theme. I'm not intending to use anything quite like this pattern but the basis of it "happened" during my experiments so I thought I'd use it for my blip, multiplied and colourised in a sort of Warhol fashion. I think this fits the blip rules as I started by photographing a light shining through a pinhole, then multiplied it and put it through a "Polar Coordinates" filter.

I guess as it's Guy Fawkes' night you could say it's a bit like fireworks (with a good imagination anyway).  Normally we'd be going to a big local display but of course that's not happening this year.

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