By davidc

A beautiful morning in Abingdon

We woke to a beautiful frosty morning which made the garden of our hotel look lovely - and as the garden backed into the River Thames we were able to capture some rather gorgeous views along the river from there: hence this blip.

After a disgustingly large cooked breakfast again we set off on the 2nd (and final) day of our little hike - a shorter distance than yesterday at 10 miles to Oxford. After we checked into our accommodation my pals asked me to show them some of the sights of the city which (of course) had to include my old college (Worcester - see the extra) which looked lovely in the early evening light. At this point we decided that it was time to seek a beer and some sustenance, the latter of which might have included a little sticky toffee pudding...mmmmmh!!   ;-))

Tomorrow morning we'll do a bit more Oxford sightseeing before catching our respective trains.

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