a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Gate with a view

Our first day of lockdown, as you will see from the extra, some people were taking social distancing very seriously indeed ;-)

He's actually part of the roll out team for direct fibre which is something that arrived in the village earlier in the summer.  We are on the waiting list, when they finally get to our part of the village.

Cathy and I had a reasonable 10km walk this morning up over the Round Hill and along the ridge where we joined the Cotswold Way.  I took quite a few photos as we started off in foggy mist which later cleared into the sunlight you can see in this shot.  I've discarded the shots of the sad donkey (queue John Finnemore sketch of the same name), and the misty foggy shots, as I particularly liked the framing on this view of the local hill.

Needless to say we did see plenty of people while we were out and about.  I'm not sure that they were all complying with the latest set of regulations, although there were no raves or large parties in evidence.  

Given that there have been so many different versions of the rules it is hard for the public to work out what we can and cannot do.  After all Ministers seem to routinely get it wrong themselves when they are interviewed by the media :-)  All of which is without the strong suspicion that there are some people (and yes I'm thinking of you here Dominic Cummings), who don't feel that rules really apply to them in the first place. 

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