High Knott

The only Wainwright with no public access according to the Wainwright Society and sods law, this was the one we tried to clamber up today now that Mr P has turned his attention to Wainwrights Book 8 The Outlying Fells. I bought him the book last Christmas because he's done all the high Wainwright fells,  I reckoned I might be able to climb the outliers and most of them are in the South and East of the Lakes, where we live. 
It was frustrating, we got to within 100m on the summit and met this less than friendly sign and some very unfriendly locals.  Pretty views from this side of the wall though - extras
The Wainwright Society report that they are trying to negotiate access on the basis  that the public have been walking to the top for decades and this has established a right of way, but no joy so far. 

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