Coordinating Their Every Action

Busy day - market, two supermarkets in Reguengos, cleaning the house (twice as large as it used to be!), still tidying, strimming, emptying the toilet, and decided to go to Mass tonight instead of tomorrow, to be more relaxed making Sunday dinner for our guests. Ages since we've been on a Saturday - it's held in one of the smaller churches on the main square - we had to go upstairs because no room with the distancing, which gave me this quick photo (not really done to take a photo during the service). Tonight was the one year remembrance of Ana Bravo's Dad's death, that's her on the far right in jeans, next to her Mum. She's one of our guests tomorrow.

- that the new (Catholic! second ever) president has been elected, and that it's who it is, and for who the Vice is as well (so exciting) - I know some Blippers will be disappointed, so in the spirit of the president-elect's plea, I'll say nothing more, and just pray for peace for one of my countries (my Dad was a Californian)
- my friend, Hélène, what a woman she is!
- Tom, our s-i-l, being gifted a very special pair of trainers

The Body, ch9 - In the Dissecting Room: The Skeleton, p196
All of these things - muscles, bone, tendons, and so on - work together in a deft and splendid choreography. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in your hands. In each hand, you have twenty-nine bones, seventeen muscles (plus eighteen more that are in the forearm but control the hand), two main arteries, three major nerves(one of which, the ulnar nerve, is the one you feel in your elbow when you hit your 'funny bone') plus forty-five other named nerves, and 123 named ligaments, all of which must coordinate their every action with precision and delicacy.

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