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By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Synth Scene

More potential in large

Im and I went for an amble at The Rookery, but my fingertips are awful, so I kept my hands balled up in my gloves and didn't take any pictures. 

SO, I took pictures of my music setup after spending much of the morning configuring it (after tending to the duckules)... First attempt photographically, but it was dark in my room and it is surprisingly tricky angle-wise. 

I've now got all of the instruments talking to each other (connected via a shared language, even though they can all sing their own...), controlled/coordinated by the AKAI thing in the middle (Akai MPC sampler/sequencer).

In the image above, the foreground left has the Wavedrum (percussion synth) creeping into frame, and the Desktop Evolver (digital/analogue hybrid monosynth) sitting on the big keyboard. The stacked keyboards are a Roland Fantom workstation (inc. decent piano & acoustic instrument sounds, and acting as master controller keyboard) with an Access Virus (powerful and flexible digital synth) above. The true analogue sound comes from the desk, with a Sequential Prophet polyphonic synth module and the Moog monophonic/duophonic synth.
Other bits and pieces include a microphone, reverb unit, and my first digital polysynth (under the desk), as well as the soundcard which acts as a mixer/patchbay. My drum machine and portable recorder are out of shot.
So, it all works without a computer, but I can plug the laptop in to make initial configuration and updates more straightforward.

It was the little blue Evolver's fault: it was my first proper subtractive synth, and got me totally hooked.

Today's handful are here (or right from Analogue side)

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