By KatesGardenPDX

A Quiet Day

It was pouring this morning, but let up just long enough to get a good walk in. The rest of the day was quiet - I made a big pot of Portuguese Kale Soup and worked in my office. It rained on and off again but has now (at 4:30 pm) cleared and won't rain again until Thursday morning. Our winters are much like this - on and off again rain, with breaks of blue sky. Typically it doesn't rain all the time, nor so much that you can't go out for a walk or a tour of the garden. 

I got notice that I have a shipment of flower bulbs coming. In some haze back in July I thought that planting 180 allium bulbs (6 different species) was a grand idea. I forget that it's always cold and rainy in mid-November when the arrive...combined with the fact that I forgot to mark where I should plant them. Oh well, it's always a joy to see new bulbs pop up in the garden!

One of my neighbors has some pretty spectacular roses. This orange one caught my fancy this morning - it has such a lovely fragrance too!

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