While on my runs

By waipushrink

The solitary duckling

Busy all day long with the task of continuing the process of making the apartment look rather less like it is occupied by a couple of oldies, so that it will appeal to the young and fancy free with the purchase price. It was certainly past time that the shelves in the laundry were weeded of some of the stuff that has been kept there. It is salutary to discover just how pervasive is my reluctance to dispose of stuff that we have no intention of every using in future; "just in case". Inherited from our parents as survivors of the Great Depression.

Covid is creating a similar mind set in some people as there is continuing uncertainty about employment and therefore wages and ability to have enough food for the family. I am annoyed that the Labour Government is not intending to increase the income for the worst off in our society. People who currently have insufficient resource to eat and clothe themselves adequately will spend all or most of any increase, and that produces GST for the Government, sales for the companies that produce what is needed, meaning (potentially) more in employment and an upward spiral in the economy. The poor share their income with everyone while the wealthy (especially the mega wealthy) take wealth out of circulation and hoard it. The NZ Green Party understand this and are going to put pressure on Cabinet to do something positive.

Afternoon walk by Te Wai Orea (Western Springs Lake). Last year a pair of Putangitangi raised eight ducklings into adult shelducks. This duckling was the only one with an adult pair.

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