By MikeWest

Ground Level

Although warm again, it had clouded over and with rain in the forecast I headed out earlier in the day for a photograph. A brisk breeze made it difficult to get sharp images and after waiting a while for a lull with only moderate success, I noticed this plant low to the ground that was less affected.

I think what struck me were the brighter tones on the leaf in focus and one remaining green leaf, surrounded by muted browns of the remaining decaying leaves. It seemed to reflect the progression from late summer to autumn in one plant.

I used an extension tube to get close up which emphasizes the in focus centre of interest in the image. I subdued the background elements to further draw attention to my subject. The oak leaf on the left did seem a bit distracting and I toyed with cropping in from that side. In the end I softened that area with negative clarity.

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