Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

A Day Out

Beautiful though Carradale and East Kintyre may be, there is a phenomenon known locally as cabin fever that can come over you quite quickly, particularly in the winter months. The only cure is to escape for a few hours or better still a few days. Now it may be less than a fortnight ago that we were in Dunkeld for a few days with friends, but the cabin fever was creeping up on Mrs B yesterday, so we decided to head up to Oban today. The decision was made easier by the forecast, which promised sun in Oban and grey clouds in Kintyre.

Sure as fate it was cold, grey and windy when we left home and as we travelled north the skies cleared and it was sunshine and blue sky for most of the day. We stopped off for a coffee at Tayvallich at a little waterfront cafe that has to have one of the best views in Scotland. It is well worth the drive down the single track road and I would highly recommend it.

We thoroughly enjoyed a few hours in Oban taking in the views and appreciating the quieter pace out of season.

Timed our journey home to take in the west coast sunset before we headed over to Loch Fyne. We travelled down to the end of the single track road that passes through Ardfern and had a view of the sun setting over the north of Jura and Scarba. The best colours came about 10 minutes after the sun had set as the thin bands of clouds turned from orange to pink and then raspberry red.

Stopped off for dinner just South of Tarbert at the West Loch Hotel. It has been beautifully done up and the food was excellent. Had a table next to the open fire and the staff and owner were most pleasant and helpful. Would highly recommend the place if you are in the area.

Back home now and the fever has subsided. Wonder how long that will last?

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