Hollow Moor

It was so sunny this morning that I hung out the washing. Wanting to take advantage of this bright weather window we nipped up to Kentmere to grab another Outlying Fell only to find mist in the hills and Kentmere is surrounded by them.  Not the most inspiring fell, why did Mr AW bother with this one? No path and a lot of boggy peaty tussocky fell to get to the top.  We managed to find a well ventilated building to have our picnic in,  out of the wind on the way down (extra)

We noted on the 5 mile journey up to Kentmere that all laybys where you can park to go for a walk were full, but luckily not the little layby in Kentmere.  Out on the fell we saw two other pairs of walkers in the distance and 3 mountain bikers. It does seem that people are taking advantage of the advice that we can do unlimited exercise , especially on a dry day like today.  

The roads are generally emptier though and delivery van drivers are rushing around like mad things. Drive with caution!

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