By KatesGardenPDX

Abutilon Still Blooming

I had a meeting this morning with a lovely group of women - we're talking about educational programming for the botanical garden that we're working on. They just happen to be all women, and very accomplished ones in so many unique ways. How fortunate we are that people love this project! 

When we identify the site that we'll be building on, we want to be able to very quickly start offering some sort of programming, whether it's an on-line speaker series, or continuing education or children's nature experiences. So we're starting the conversation. 

I spent much of the afternoon in the garden....it was a pretty nice day, as mid-November days go. It's going to rain later tonight and be a soaker of a day tomorrow. So any garden wrap up I can do when it's not rainy or cold is a bonus! And I still do have those 185 bulbs arriving by UPS today :-) So the kitties and I did a lot of tidying up in the back garden till it got so cold and damp the I went inside. 

This Abutilon x 'Smoked Salmon' is still blooming, even after the very cold snap we had. I haven't had it in the ground before (it was in a pot till this year) so it will be interesting to see how it behaves over the winter. Unfortunately it's in a really bad spot - I thought it was going to die so just shoved it in the garden, but obviously it's very happy. I'll have to find a more appropriate place for it next spring!

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