Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Beer is not the answer

Another grotty day! Blustery showers, dark skies. We decided to walk down to the town as usual to buy a paper and got caught in a couple of sudden showers; oh well! I've seen worse.

I'd noticed that the Tamron zoom lens on my camera was beginning to stick and didn't always extend properly. I took a few pictures of a wet Oban street this afternoon and then decided to take one of this sign. The zoom made some grinding noises and then refused to operate. I eventually managed to make it slide in and out manually and took several pictures, but this one, although not totally sharp, was the best. The others were totally blurred. So it seems as though the internal gearing is kaput! Big repair bill coming up! Just realised what's happened! It's Friday 13th!

Quote of the Day:

Avijeet Das - "Relax and come with me to the mountains. There is more to life than the cameras!”

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