By Colstro

Lockdown 2 Day 10

Since our old, dead apple tree was removed from the garden we have sadly seen very little of the woodpecker who used to make regular visits to investigate the nooks, crannies and crevices of that tree.  Today, however, she was on the lawn, seemingly finding plenty of interest buried there.

She was initially further down the garden.  I didn't risk frightening her away by going outside, and I didn't imagine she would stay long enough for me to collect my camera and return to the kitchen window to photograph her.  However, as she started to move closer I decided it was worth a try.  I collected my camera, put on the longest lens I have and returned to the kitchen to find she was still there, so she became the subject of today's blip. It is not as sharp as I would have liked (she kept moving) but it is one of the best I have yet captured of her.

Green woodpecker. Picus viridis (female, I believe).

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