By Freyjad

Coal Tit

If my mother had still been alive she would have said it was like being in the middle of Leeds down at the nature reserve this afternoon.  All these places are much busier since lock-down began but they're really best avoided at the weekends.  Still, it was a beautiful day and we needed to take advantage of it, parking is difficult so we parked further out but the longer walk in was very pleasant.

I've arranged to go on a photo walk which meets at Malham at 8-30am sometime in December.  The walk takes place on a Sunday which I hope means the roads will be quieter as I'll need to allow a good hour and a half to get there.  There's another one on offer too in Whitby and I'm very tempted,  but due to not having gone far this year I'm finding these trips a bit more daunting than they would normally be.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you're enjoying the weekend but above all...... stay safe.

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