Road Closed

The main road into our village from the West is closed, and likely to be so until early January while work is done to make a new junction for a housing development.  It is somewhat contentious as it means the road will be closed at a time of year with fewer daylight hours and the alternative routes are all either long, or involve several narrow roads.  On the left of this pano you can see the fence next to the existing road,  what is left is wide enough to walk through but not for a car. 

We're assuming that large stoney area is needed for drainage.  This is something of a low point so their service yard could become 'interesting' if we get a wet winter.

The web site for the developer shows what they are building - although it does imply Kineton is in Oxfordshire .... we all think we live in Warwickshire.

With the current lockdown, a walk to the site boundary has become an exercise route for many of us.  Rather to the annoyance of one of the builders who was moaning vociferously last weekend about villagers peering through the fence and taking photographs!

I suppose when the road is reopened and the first houses occupied he'll be moaning about the school buses and the traffic queues his buyers will be getting stuck in?

A three shot panorama - much better large on black.

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