Paris Day One

6:00am - Woke up with my new wife in the Chedi suite, quite possibly the most impressive hotel room ever and a really nice gesture from the staff.
7:30am - Took taxi home to pack for Paris.
9:30am - Finished packing and headed off to Seeb Airport.
11:30am - Doha airport: crap coffee, mini perfume shopping, internet surfing, twitter updating, blipfoto browsing.
2:00pm - All aboard the Qatar Air flight to Paris. The in-flight entertainment was top quality, as was the food. Managed to get through Wallace and Gromit's latest adventure, 3 episodes of Scrubs, Transporter and the rather excellent Bolt. Qatar Air is highly recommended.
8:00pm - Arrived at Pairs CDG and immediately watched in awe as Larissa put her excellent French into action to arrange transport to our hotel.
8:35pm - Stepped off the bus to the spectacular sight of L'Arc de Triomphe.
8:36pm - Blipped the Arc de Triomphe.
8:37pm - Dragged 50kg of suitcases down Avenue Marceau to the Elysees Regencia.
9:00pm - Checked-in for the first night of our honeymoon.

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