A Day For Exploration

After a wet weekend, I caught today’s entry in Pat’s sewing room.

The sun was up and cast a warm glow into the space. The walls are painted yellow. The portrait is of Pat some fifty years ago. It was painted by an Egyptian student colleague of Pat’s when they attended an exam at California College of Arts and Craft.

ES had finished the exam assignment with hours to spare and painted the portrait.

The skies were bright blue and the sun shone when I went out to rescue the now empty wheelie bin from the roadside. It was a lovely day and the winds throughout the night had arranged the leaves into handy piles.

I could have chosen to pick the leaves up and organise them or we could go out for a run in the car.

We had a very enjoyable trip on Fife roads "less travelled" and I still managed to discover a road which Pat had not been along.

We also encountered some flooded roads (see extra) but we got through these safely.

As we edged our way through I noticed that about fifteen minutes work with a shovel to clear out a drainage cutting through the verge would clear away the flood water in a few minutes.

I remember that in the 50s and 60s we had roadmen who were responsible for an area of roads. He carried all his implements on a bicycle and he would inspect "his roads" regularly clearing ditches such as this blocked one.

Our local road man was Mr Syme, a very well respected member of the community.

Changed days.

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