By Aliscotia

Plug! TT286

Many of you have probably wondered what the plugs for my eye drains look like. This is one here between the cotton bud and the pencil for scale (on a mirror).  I noticed it protruding slightly from the eye drain, plus I felt it as an irritant and then next time I looked in the mirror it had gone. I didn't think I would be likely to find it but ten minutes later I noticed it in the corner of my eye and retrieved it. It goes in pointy end first with a little applicator (done by a doctor)and the pin head is just visible at the end of the eye drain. 

The one I have in my left eye has stayed in but now I have the decision whether to have the right eye re-done or whether to go ahead and have both upper drains cauterised. (you may recall the lower drains were cauterised in August).

Well, for the few days I had the plugs in my eyes felt "normal" for the first time in years. My real tears were hanging around and I needed far fewer artificial tears. It was amazing to go out for a walk and not have to stop every ten minutes to take off my hat, gloves and glasses and to put in eye drops. I could look at the screen without discomfort and even cooking was easier. I felt lighter, happier and like the me of old.

The only thing stopping me going straight for the cautery is whether I will produce too many tears and have them running down my face (it is irreversible). At the moment that feels like a good trade for sore dry eyes but people who suffer from that problem tell me too many tears can get to them too. 

One way or another, plugs or cautery, I hope I get some more relief in the next few weeks. The one thing I do know is that I am very grateful for the expertise of eye doctors and modern medicine that can create little plugs like this to give temporary relief. 

Thanks to JDO for running tiny tuesday. I think this is the tiniest man made object I have ever blipped!

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