By iaint


The day flew by. 

I was working at home in the morning while the Boss used the Office to participate in a committee meeting online. He prefers to do these things there as opposed to home. 

Then I went in to the Office after lunch. Then I had to get out again at 4:30 pm because he had to vote and he had left his iPad in the Office. 


Planning my week can be a challenge sometimes. 

Today it was announced that some parts of the country will go to Level 4. Tough on them, but I think the ongoing problems with numbers of cases there has created a concern about behaviour over the next 4-5 weeks. Some will want to go for the same booze ups they always have at this time. Others will want the wall-to-wall shopping rampage they always have. It would snowball. 

So would case numbers. That would give us patients dying in corridors or cars parks by the end of the year. 

The good news is a couple of areas have gone down to Level 2. It shows it can be done. 

Well, the problems and solutions are the same in many parts of Europe. 

The Blip is just dinner. Beetroot, radish and onion salad, waiting for the vinaigrette. The onions were too sharp. 

Melatonin Daydream

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