Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At How Caple: A brief break at the woodyard...

It was a hard frost over night. The warm sun has been trying to beat through the trees all morning, and in turn cause a foggy mixture of warm and cold air.

Spring is coming. There is renewed smiles. The warm sun, brings to life dormant buds and flowers, but it also brings out life and energy in people too. I dropped back into the yard to collect another load. A coffee break and warm conversation. Perhaps talk of renewed hope for the coming season.

Its been a hard wet winter. The winter wheat crops are still slow and the spring harvest will be late (hopefully not wasted). This in turn affects the next sowing and harvest and in turn food prices.

These moments to share are a brief moment where paths cross and worries and smiles are shared. The woodmen and farmers have different work, but everything is connected and ideas are shared in a morning break on the back of a truck. Some people in offices would call this networking.... this is networking in the woodyard! x

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