By KatesGardenPDX

An Amazing Adventure

This afternoon a group of us who are involved with land acquisition for the botanical garden project took a tour of the superfund site that we're interested in. I was expecting an old decrepit industrial area, which of course it was at one time. But I had no idea that it's beauty would quite literally bowl me over. 41 acres, surrounded by a barbed wire fence. 18 acres of capped land where once a creosote factory stood. And directly sited on the Willamette River - the river that bisects the City of Portland from north to south. There isn't a lot of public river access in the city - not for the vast length of the river. To say that we're highly interested would be a gross understatement, and all of the parties involved from owner to local EPA and DEQ are extremely supportive.

It rained heavily at one point, and then the skies became stunning as we got to the river. I've never had access to this river before.....not like this. It's gorgeous. And a rainbow appeared over the property as we looked back at it. Magical, truly magical. I have a good feeling about this! 

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