Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Don't forget to accessorize your bird feeders!

Yes, folks, you saw it here first ... the very latest in fashion accessories for your bird feeders! Wait for it... a fur coat, one that even PETA would have to approve!

Okay, so not the technically best shot, but it was so darned funny that I had to blip it. Hope it makes you laugh as much as I did when I spied little Seymour wrapped around it this morning, dangling 7 feet above the deck. Honestly, how could I not laugh?

Back to Physical Therapy this morning - for an hour and a half! I am a bit sore at the moment, but it is the good kind of sore. Spent a bit more time in traction, stretching my spine - although it sounds torturous, it actually feels very good. And my overall pain level is SO much lower! So, yay.

I am still limiting time at my computer, so comments are also limited. Thanks for sticking with me in spite of this - you all rock. And thank you for sending yesterday's woodpeckers to the Spotlight page - that is always such a lovely compliment.

Happy Tuesday and I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Oh, and here is a Young white tailed deer that I snapped through the window, fully zoomed this morning. Pretty little thing.


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