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By arkensielphoto

Worker - On My One Street

A busy morning sorting out my Christmas wines with another wine company. I have now spent all my saved money and will not continue to pay into this wine club. I now have enough wine and gin to last until next Christmas!!
I have just two or three things that need to arrive for Christmas and then I shall start wrapping them. One item will not arrived until the first week of December, but other than that once these are wrapped I only have cards anfd letters to write.
I spent about thirty minutes writing an “idiot’s guide” for the people who will be using the spread sheets. I have a few alterations to do when I speak with them and then next week we are having a “Teams” meeting to finalise everything.
Today’s picture was taken through the kitchen window of a man working on a telegraph pole in our front border. No idea what he was doing and I would not have noticed him if my husband had not commented. This picture qualifies as part of my “One Street”.

The temperature today was fourteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon.  It was very windy, but due to the wind-chill factor it did not feel that warm

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