Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis


Coil is out after 15 years! The doctor couldn’t get it out, the hysteroscopy was too painful so I came in to hospital for a general anaesthetic, as it turned out I needed a hysteroscopy and it took about 40 minutes apparently so not that straightforward so I’m glad I was out for the count. I got here at midday but because I was the youngest and the fittest of all the patients I had to wait till last which was about 6 pm I was very hungry and thirsty having not eaten since 7 am! It’s a lovely private hospital even though I’m not paying as it’s on the NHS and I’ve had lots of lovely food now and coffee and now I’m having a mint tea and watching I’m a celebrity get me out of here live from Abergele in North Wales where my father’s mother and all her family came from!

I lovely neighbour Kate brought me here and will pick me up later tonight with Max.

I had a really nice busy morning, Pilates, ukulele practice, I finished my book I was reading and I had a half-hour DJ session on FaceTime with my friend John.

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