By Colstro


Spending a few days in Dungeness. Never been here before; extraordinary place - shingle for miles and marshland all around. Just a few small dwellings on the shingle, including the one on the left of this picture, which is a very high quality modern conversion of an old shop, garage and house. In the distance on the right you can see the nuclear power station. Also visible are the two lighthouses - the one on the left with a working light at the top and the one on the right looking as if it is supporting power cables because of the unfortunate positioning of a pole in front of it. Maybe I'll need to carry out some Photoshopping when I get home!

This panorama is a stitch of 6 images. The full panorama is much wider than this, but the laptop I have with me doesn't have sufficient processing power to cope with the whole thing. It also doesn't have a calibrated screen, nor do I have my graphics tablet with me, so the editing may be a bit dodgy. I may re-post when I get home. Uploaded from my mobile phone (no broadband or wifi here).

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