By BentleyTBear

Chicken Pilaf Revisited

So today I was able to get a decent walk in, up Lark Hill.  It was in a high wind.  However this only made the walk out harder; the walk back was surprisingly easier!

I saw a chocolate coloured Working Cocker Spaniel romping over the ploughed fields; just the same way the original Bentley Bear did.  

The owner even had to put the dog back onto the lead early, the same way we had to with Bentley.  He was always smart enough to figure out when the walk was nearing the end; and if you left it too late he would disappear off for one last hurrah, and only return when he was ready.

In the afternoon I made stock from the roast chicken we had on Sunday, and used whatever was remaining to make a delicious pilaf, topped with boiled eggs and finished with soy sauce and sesame oil.  Comfort food at is best.

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