Morning Walk

My morning walk was with our Parish Clerk this morning, so we set off from her house in Thurgoland and did a circular route on roads, most of which (once we’ve left where we were standing) are pretty quiet.

The view is out towards the Pennine Hills, but in this spot we can’t quite see the moors.

The fence is the boundary of the house and Roper Lane, which we descended down onto Old Mill Lane before coming back up Cote Lane to where I’d left my car.  We met Sarah walking down, who was next on my contact list as a walking companion - our chance encounter did allow us to catch up a bit.  We also passed a closer neighbour from, two doors away, who was out splattered in mud running along the Pennine Trail.

It really was a beautiful morning to be out and lucky that we could swop from tomorrow when rain is forecast again.  I’ve been out again this afternoon to enjoy some sunshine, though only completed the circuit around the outside of Ayton Wood - much of the path was absolutely sodden.

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