Live Every Day --

Today was very nearly my last .The above shows a marvellous moody sky on leaving the S-Bahn .Then caught a bus for two stops, during which the heavens opened .Collected some goods from a cafe and set off to the flat .Waited until the lights  for me went green .Crossing a car belted through ( red for them )and I fell ,in saving myself .Saw where he went and picking myself up, went down to where he'd pulled in to 'smartphone' .Took a picture of his licence plates . Not from Berlin ..Bavaria . Banged on his window and asked him what he thought a red traffic light meant His response was ,he hadn't seen me .Too busy texting. I told him I had his number for the police , and best he leave Berlin and clear off to Bavaria .He said he was sorry .Cut no ice..So did a fool of a driver years back who actually hit bulls eye..I have spoken with the police who were great and feel better as rain or not I went and had my say . No doubt he's driving to Bavaria now to a mum who will find him lovely . An utter drip he wasn't fit to be behind wheel of a car .Still my trusty stick ( see extra ) kept me smiling and think I scared him. In which case ..good . Enjoy each day .It may be your last and there are many causes ..Today Heaven wasn't ready for me , neither  it seems was Hell :) 
Main image taken at 16:45 cet .

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