By Veronica

Look into my eyes

Mystère saved me from an emergency blip of food today. He is looking regal on his throne, aka the back of the sofa.

We finally managed to get the wood guy to deliver three stères of wood. S has been trying for about a month. In the end he tried a tactic that has worked previously: he phoned him yesterday and told him we were leaving on Monday, and if he didn't deliver it by then we'd cancel the order. Despite lockdown he believed this and immediately said he'd deliver today ... and actually turned up when he said he would. 

The wood is very green/wet, but we expected that. Due to our Andalusian escapades, we still have a fair amount of the last lot of wood we ordered, over two years ago, so it's not a problem except in the sense that it's an omen for being stuck here all winter. Anyway, it only took us an hour to stack, and now we don't have to think about it for a good while. And as it's been a miserable rainy day it constitutes my exercise today. Now we're drinking St Emilion by the fire.

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