Abstract Thursday...

...with the theme of mono, black with one color or white with one color. I went with mono. This is an old sugar mold that "lives" in the center of my dining room table. It's made of wood and sits in a metal base, & I have glass candle holders inside the openings where the sugar would have been poured, with tea lights inside the holders. It's very pretty when lit at night. I took it with a shallow DOF so that most of the glass holders were out of focus and I flipped it sideways instead of the long way. I've put the original in the extras in case you want to better see what it looks like.  Not much happening today. Tom had labs to be drawn, and then we stopped at the motor vehicle dept. so he could get his drivers' license renewed. It was  a miracle, as there were only 4 other people inside (normally there's a line all the way to the door) so he was in and out pretty quickly. After we got home I walked almost three miles, as it's 63 degrees and sunny....I hated to come in. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AT's each week. :))

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