By karenmace25

rockin' robin

A frosty start to the day here in Essex- definitely wakes you up quicker when the morning is a little chilly!

A trip to a local garden centre this morning for an emergency bunny supply shop!  May have also sneaked in some pansies and primroses to the trolley so at least I can start on doing the winter hanging baskets over the weekend, although the summer plants are still flowering away!

The birds have moved in on mass now to the new bird feeder and the calci worms - like mealworms but chunkier! - seem to be the new hit!!  I lost count of how many starlings descended on the feeder when I replenished it earlier! I'm thinking I'm going to need more feeders and worms to keep up with demand!  The robin stayed out of the way til the feeding frenzy calmed down!

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