By dunkyc

Taking the roof off

It is fair to say that blipfoto is predominantly photo-driven with the words served up to accompany the main dish.

I must confess that of late, I feel like I have been letting the side down with the quality of my photography. That said, it’s not always the best when it’s at its best. Oh, you know what I mean…….

The only one in the chamber today was the photo of these two chaps replacing the front roof on my parent’s Kendal place. They picked the right day to carry out the work as it was mostly glorious, which enabled them to crack on and complete it in good time. 

It’s so often that when you replace something old with something new that you come to realise what poor shape the old thing was in.

Nice dinner with the wee ones though and they had me laughing by turning one of my jokes against me. It’s simply to jokingly say something really mean or horrible and then double-down on it.

Genuine example:

M’boy: Daddy, do you have a favourite child?
Me (smiling): Yes, your little sister. She's the best one. By a mile.
Me: (gently putting my hand on his shoulder, looking him in the eye and in all sincerity) And I really mean that, son.

Their version:-

The Youngest: Daddy, you’re old and you smell.
Me: Wuh?
The Youngest: (gently putting her hand on my shoulder, looking me in the eye and unable to stop herself giggling) And I really mean that.


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