By dunkyc

Warming up

I was awake early, having had a particularly vivid bad dream that left me unable to return to sleep. 

So early was it that the heating hadn’t yet kicked in, so I bundled up under the duvet and started scrolling through my phone. I was delighted to find that through our shared love of the blippings of @MsMun (if you’re not already following, you should be - there’s nothing she doesn’t know about bees AND she has Axolotls! Do YOU know anyone who has Axolotls?!) I had made a new blip acquaintance in the form of @kendallishere (again, not following? Do.) who had taken some time out to read my ramblings and offer up some kind words (thank you), the unintended consequence of which was that the “warm and fuzzies” that were generated started to defrost me.

Having taken the time to read some of her work and enjoy her photos, the kind and complimentary words carried more weight if it were possible and have encouraged me to try and up my game a little on the standard of my photography! Her entries around the height (low?) of the Black Lives Matter protests are particularly sobering. I’m glad to know her and look forward to reading more.

Cockles warmed, the children were packed off to school and through strength of character and force of will, they somehow survived the morning’s torrential rain (light drizzle) that, judging by their whinging, was nothing less than biblical.

I returned from the school run and after a call which I thought was going to be horrendous,  wasn’t, decided that I would have a cosy working day by the fire. The warmth has steadily increased throughout a mostly successful, productive day and I’m now feeling toasty and ready to lean into the weekend.

Thought: do you think it is possible to start a “kind” global pandemic? ie. one good deed or act of kindness infects all it touches exponentially? Wonder where we would be able to get the ‘R’ number to on that one? I guess that one person’s kindness could be another’s cruelty?

It would be like a vegetarian thinking they’re being kind in offering me a free courgette - which as we all know are simply mouldy cucumbers - and unintentionally making me feel quite ill.

You know what? Forget it. Kindness will never catch on.

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