By NinjaShoe

Soft water

Nick from Ian Holmes Water Softener Services came today to connect us up and has done a great job.  We now have a special little tap at the kitchen sink for drinking water.  I'm convinced the water tastes 'smoother' than it did before but I suspect it's all in my head.

As a Friday night lockdown treat Martin and I have embarked on a mini beer festival #collabfest2020 organised by Brewdog.  Yup - only us two and a load of microbrewery 'crowlers' that will only last a few days... The boys in their various locations are jealous, but it won't last until we see them... :-)

 A surprising favourite of mine so far is 'Tastes like Strawberries' from Inverurie x six degrees north, it's 7.1%  - the evening is set to be interesting.

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