By Barking

Isn't nature amazing?

How beautiful are these 'blooms' from our garden? I don't think I've ever really looked so closely at them, but their intricate patterns are quite wonderful.

I took Abe to obedience class this afternoon. The first one since February. Perhaps predictably, he was reactive to some of the other dogs - particularly the ones eye- balling him back. My shoulder is suffering after our session, but he also had some good moments. His sit/drop/stay combo is quite excellent; he has no problem holding it for as long as I ask him to. His walking to heel was pretty good (as long as the treats kept coming!), and he got a bit better around the other dogs towards the end. I suppose I shouldn't expect miracles, but I'm really hoping that being around other dogs at obedience will help Abe figure out whatever is bothering him, so that he will become, with time, less reactive to other pooches.

Dreams are free.


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